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We Talk a lot about giving feedback; Here’s what we mean

We talked to a lot of film festival entrants and it turned out that after they had the opportunity to see their film on the big screen, they felt that constructive feedback would be more valuable in the long term. This is why we made the decision to be an online-only festival that put its focus into supplying feedback and constructive criticism - this page details what we mean by this...

Feedback Detailed

Our team of specialist Judges provide a range of numeric and bespoke, written feedback for each film that makes it through the initial selection process.

No Feedback

The quantity and type of feedback we provide differs depending on the stage your film progresses to. Due to the sheer quantity of applicants, we've made the difficult decision to not provide feedback to those films which do not make it past the initial selection process.

Numeric Feedback

We're delighted to be able to provide numeric feedback to the vast majority of entrants to our film festival. This level of feedback is a 1to10 grade across 10 different categories like 'worldbuilding'.

Numeric & Written

We provide both numeric AND written feedback to our top 30% ranked submissions. Written Feedback is a short paragraph - no more than 200 words - that may express things the judge liked, disliked or even just simple praise - this will be different for each and every film.

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Numeric feedback

Numeric feedback is awarded to ALL successful submissions - this equates to around 90% of our applicants. We judge genre shorts by ten basic categories (this differ by genre and are subject to change at short notice). Each category recieves a grade out of ten. The top 30% highest graded then recieve a level of written feedback too. *Here's how a numeric grade card may look...











Production Design






Character Depth



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Written feedback

Written feedback is awarded to the top-ranked 30% of submissions (based on our 10 categories). We don't set strict guidelines for our written feedback - we prefer it to be open to the judges what they feel they would like to comment on. For example, feedback could be technical, structural, or praiseworthy. It may be personal, inspirational or profound. In large part, feedback tends to be little bit of everything above. *Here's how a written feedback card may read...

Well done on crafting such a poignant short story. Technically brilliant - I can't really fault anything. However, the pacing could have been improved in scenes two and three. I would recommend cutting down scene two as it doesn't add much. Overall, a great effort. And props to your composer - the score was on point at all the right moments.

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